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Re: Standalone EXE

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Tom wrote:You can't move the Xbase++-runtimes to another directory which is not the working directory of your app - or not included in the search path. You can't set the runtimes location in your app. This is a PDR aswell, maybe from 1996, but I'm not going to search it.
got it.. i've always just set the path in my installation routines... if not there, you could set them in batch files used to start your app...
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Re: Standalone EXE

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unisoft wrote:Anyway we can create a standalone Executable without the need of any DLL or file whatsoever ?
there is a Product called "BoxedApp Packer" which can pack all files in a new (big) "self-extract-running" File.

Problem : when have a Update you need to pack/send Runtime each time
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Re: Standalone EXE

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BoxedAppPacker program tested 2020-12-20

1. The whole folder can be packed in one exe file,
for example the APP folder that contains all the files

and in the APP \ DATA subfolder there is a dbf database:

This package contains 18 subfolders and 550 files
and weighs 290 MB it takes 5 seconds - if not compressed.
So the speed is great.

2. Set one of the exe programs from the APP folder
as an application startup program, for example a program
MAINMENU.EXE and the package is named START.EXE

3. Create a Build EXE package (with or without compression)
compression of the material) and one START.EXE of 290 MB is obtained

4. Start START.EXE which starts MAINMENU.EXE
and still everything works fine:
use of DLL,
use of external EXE,
entry in INI files,
entry in DBF files,
write to TXT files ...,
but after exiting the application everything is canceled.
Returning to the application gives the initial state
(there is nothing you typed there).

5. The database must be formed in someone else
folder on disk, outside the APP folder, for example in
folder C: \ DATA and then it will be possible to write
in DBF files.

6. But there is still a problem with all INI and CFG files
as well as with TXT and other files that are required
located in the APP folder. You still can't do that in them
write nothing, even if the software shows that the entry
executed, but that entry is lost upon exit
applications. As if the enrollment was done in virtual
DBF and INI files that are subsequently deleted.


Maybe this can be fixed by reading the instructions for
program, but if it is not stated at the start of the instruction
as the main problem, it means intentionally hiding, well
further reading has no purpose.

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Re: Standalone EXE

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Noted. Thanks

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