I STILL hate Micro$oft!!!

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I STILL hate Micro$oft!!!

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I finally decided to move from my 4 year old xp Dell Precision to a Dell 9010 Windows 7 machine. major jump in speed: From Performance test 7.0:

Optiplex 9010 cpu 10026 h/d 2616
Precision 3400 cpu 1956 h/d 571

The difference in H/D speed is mainly due to the older machine being raid1 and the newer being raid0.

But windows 7 quite frankly, sucks in a number of areas..

you can't copy user settings from 1 user to another.

mapping drives in explorer does not give you access to those mapped drives in a cmd.exe box running as an adminstrator.

and, while it isn't a m$ problem, moving wise installer was a real problem. we ended up using laplink pc mover, but that moved a lot more stuff than i wanted..

We found a way around the mapped drive problem by disabling UAC, but i'm having flashbacks to the old: "windows is a discoverable operating system"..

As they say in brooklyn, discover this!! :( (Hey roger, where the emoticon with the 1 finger salute ??)
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Re: I STILL hate Micro$oft!!!

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