Deploying app with CommandBars

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Deploying app with CommandBars

#1 Post by rdonnay »

Bobby Drakos and I are having no problems running his app on our computers because they both have CodeJock installed, but it won't run at his deployed customer location.

What we can't figure out is why.

He only recently added some CommandBars to an app that has been running fine with SkinFramework and the Calendar.

He registered the CodeJock.CommandBars.v13.0.0.ocx
The CodeJock.CommandBars.v13.0.0.lic file is in the same directory as the ocx.

The other CodeJock controls work fine, but the CommandBars doesn't.
Any ideas?
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Re: Deploying app with CommandBars

#2 Post by RDalzell »


How about using something like DependencyWalker to view what modules are being called on the working computer vs. the non-working computer to determine what is missing?


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