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Print Number Issue

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Cannot find my last log on this, but here we go.

A user prints invoices weekly 1-2,000 normally on a run. Used win2pdf to save images and most, but not all, emailed later to customers. Been doing this for many years. About 9 months ago, all of a sudden, on random invoices the total amount would print a 9 instead of a zero, or visa versa. Sometimes a few in a row.
Suggestion initially was to write all output sent to the printer to a log file, which I did. None have ever been wrong, comparing detail (ie, multiple line items that print) and the total. Always the same.

Still happened. so you suggested sending a string to the printer instead of the numeric amount. That was a couple of months ago. He reported another one today (only knows it happens if a customer complains or short pays,etc).
The numbers sent all match and the string was sent.

Here is the section of code, although it is fairly standard.

Detail as far as we can tell, always prints the right numbers. Do you think the box impacts it somehow memory wise. That is the only difference I can come up with. The detail is just a number and a description from the billing detail, nothing special
The specialtot here is the billing detail total, FYI.
In this case, none around it that we could find were a problem Last time we found one, many around it had the same 9/0 issue for a few minutes.

nHandle := Fopen('Totals.txt',FO_READ+FO_WRITE)
IF nHandle <= 0
nHandle := FCreate('Totals.txt')
FWrite( nHandle, str(oppro->oppronum,7) + ' ' + Alltrim(Str(oppro->opbilltamt,10,2))+'/'+alltrim(str(specialtot,10,2))+crlf)
select billrem

@ 51, 60, 54, 80 DCPRINT BOX LINEWIDTH 6

@ 52,62 DCPRINT SAY "TOTAL" Printer oPrinter FONT "10.Arial Bold"
@ 52,77 DCPRINT SAY alltrim(str(OPPRO->OPBILLTAMT,10,2)) Printer oPrinter FONT "10.Arial Bold" ALIGN DCPRINT_ALIGN_RIGHT

Makes them doubt our system.


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