IDSC's with ClassDescribe()

Xbase++ 2.0 Build 554 or later
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IDSC's with ClassDescribe()

#1 Post by rdonnay »

Lately, I have been having many IDSC's after running a SQL query on ADS.

It appears to be related to ClassDescribe().

I determined this because the IDSC's occur when converting an array of DataObjects to JSON or XML.

The process is:

1. Perform a SQL Select statement and get a cursor.
2. Step thru the work area and create an array of DataObjects using DC_DbRecord().
3. Convert the array of DataOjects using Var2Json() or Var2Xml().

This causes an IDSC and the error info is different every time.
It doesn't even need to be a large array of objects.

After I quit the program and start it again, then any call to ClassDescribe() will fail with an IDSC.
I have to reboot the computer.
Sometimes I even have to unplug the Thunderbolt or I won't get an internet connection.
This is a very serious failure. I haven't seen IDSC's in years and I have never seen one that crashes the OS.
Years ago I wrote my own DC_Var2Json() function and it requires ClassDescribe(),
It fails now too.

I am trying to isolate this.
It doesn't seem to happen in SqlQuery but it happens in a WebService program using HttpEndPoint().

I want to get this conversation started to find out if anyone is converting ADS SQL cursors to arrays of objects and then to JSON or XML.
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