Development Application Sometimes Slow

Xbase++ 2.0 Build 554 or later
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Development Application Sometimes Slow

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Good morning,

Sometimes when testing locally, my coworker and my xBase++1.9/eXpress++1.9 application is much slower than normal. Everything is slower, but the most notable issue is the GUI. You can watch it redraw whenever the screen changes or refreshes.

I was not able to detect any external issues or calls causing problems (using ProcessExplorer and ProcessMonitor), and the computer has more than enough resources free to handle the program.

The only way I have seen to fix this issue is to restart the computer, and then the program works flawlessly.

I know we're just seeing this on our DEV machines, but at the same time, I don't know how many of our users could be experiencing this issue and not realizing it.

Does anyone have any ideas on what can cause an xBase++/eXpress++ application to randomly be slow until the computer is restarted?

Thank you,

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