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IM Enhancements

#1 Post by sdenjupol148 »

I wanted to test the email notifications on this new forum service so I'll do it by letting everyone know that Roger has added some new functionality to the IM software. To find out what it is, you'll have to log in and check the messages in the next few days.

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Re: IM Enhancements

#2 Post by bobvolz »

I have the IMServer app installed on an xp machine at one location and a win2003 server at the other.
I can run the IMserver.exe as a service on the xp machine but when I try it as a service in the Win2003 server it will not interact with the desktop. Is there some policy setting in windows server that allows this?
BTW this is great stuff. My people love it. I can carry on several conversations at once and I don't need the phone in my ear. The voice clips are hysterical.
Bob Volz :lol:

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Re: IM Enhancements

#3 Post by rdonnay »

Bob -

You are not the first person to report problems with services interacting with the desktop under 2003.
Brian Wolfsohn had the same problem.

I don't have an answer yet because I don't use 2003 server.

Hopefully, somebody else does.

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