any Express++ User who use harbour ?

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any Express++ User who use harbour ?

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i test-drive harbour HMG and like Express++ it use #Command Syntax

so i got a Idea : Express++ use Xbp-Control as Superclass ... :idea:

what if i replace Xbp with Wvg

Code: Select all

   #xtranslate XbpDialog                       =>  WvgDialog
   #xtranslate XbpStatusBar                    =>  WvgStatusBar
   #xtranslate XbpStatic                       =>  WvgStatic
   #xtranslate XbpActiveXControl               =>  WvgActiveXControl
   #xtranslate XbpPushButton                   =>  WvgPushButton
   #xtranslate XbpComboBox                     =>  WvgComboBox
   #xtranslate XbpTreeView                     =>  WvgTreeView
   #xtranslate XbpMenu                         =>  WvgMenu
   #xtranslate XbpToolBar                      =>  WvgToolBar
   #xtranslate XbpMenuBar                      =>  WvgMenuBar
   #xtranslate XbpListbox                      =>  WvgListbox
   #xtranslate XbpSLE                          =>  WvgSLE
   #xtranslate XbpMLE                          =>  WvgMLE
   #xtranslate XbpProgressBar                  =>  WvtProgressBar
and other Controls have same Syntax and iVAR like Xbp and react the same Way ?
GTWVG LIB exist ... but i'm not a Express++ User to test Code this Way.

i knew there is much more than GUI Controls
but i think it is a Way to test-drive Express++ under harbour using GTWVG LIB from Pritpal Bedi
greetings by OHR

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