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PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 6:59 am 
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           ---------------- New to 2.0 (build 265) ----------

 1445. .\Samples\Animation shows a methodology for creating an animation using
       a set of .JPG files rather than a .GIF file.

 1444. Xdot.Exe now looks for a file named DCDLLS.TXT.  This is a listing of
       dynamic DLLs to load when the program is started.

 1443. Added new command: DCHTMLWINDOW. This is based on the XbpHTMLWindow()
       class.  See the sample code in .\samples\htmlwindow.

 1442. Added 2 new clauses to the @..DCTABPAGE command: TABMAXIMIZED <bMax>
       and TABMINIMIZED <bMin).  These callbacks are evaluated when a tab page
       is maximized or minimized.

 1441. Added 2 new optional parameters to the DC_AdsStatement():new() method.
       They are <nLockingMode> and <nIndexMode>.

 1440. Added 3 new optional parameters to the DC_AdsRunSQL() function. They are
       <oSession>, <nLockingMode> and <nIndexMode>.

 1439. Fixed a bug in the DCGUI_BUTTONALIGN_RIGHT option of DCGETOPTIONS
       BUTTONALIGN that caused the buttons to not correctly align to the

 1438. Added support for the "Microsoft Print to PDF" printer driver to the
       ACROBAT clause of DCPRINT.  See sample .\samples\printer\print2pdf.prg.

 1437. Added a new <aSheetCaptions> parameter to DC_Array2Excel(). This is used
       to assign captions to the sheets.

 1436. Added ALIGN clause to the @ .. DCPRINT BITMAP command.  This allows for
       a bitmap to be aligned right or bottom based on its coordinates. Look
       at the sample program .\samples\printer\bitmap.prg.

 1435. Added support for Touch-Screen Hand Gestures in Xbase++ 2.0.  Look at
       the samples in .\samples\gestures.

 1434. Fixed DC_GuiDbEdit() so it will properly show the rows of data under
       Xbase++ 2.0.

 1433. DC_AutoRestoreWindow() will now properly restore a window that was
       closed on a monitor which is logically to the left of the main monitor.

 1432. The SHADOW clause of DCXBPPUSHBUTTON now supports a style based on the
       GraEdge() feature of Xbase++ 2.0. GraEdge() uses the edge definition
       within the visual style. If no visual style is active or visual styles
       are disabled for the application, GraEdge() uses compatible imagery.  A
       value of SHADOW 10 will activate this feature and give the button an
       edge that is familiar in legacy buttons.

 1431. The TIMEOUT clause of DCREAD GUI now works if the time goes past

 1430. Added new command: DCVARGROUP20 and new function DC_VarGroup20().

 1429. Added new BITMAP clause to @..DCPROGRESS.  This allows a bitmap to
       be used as the progress mechanism.  Run the sample in

 1428. Added new Get-Set function: DC_MsgBoxExpress().  This overrides the
       default behavior of DC_MsgBox() and DCMSGBOX and allows the message box
       dialogues to following the settings of DC_GetOptDefault().  Add the
       following to start of your program:  DC_MsgBoxExpress(.f.).

 1427. Added new function DC_PrinterUsePenCoords().  This is a Get-Set
       function that should be called with a TRUE if using DCPRINT ??

 1426. Fixed a bug with @..DCSTATIC TYPE GROUPBOX and @..DCGROUP that
       sometimes causes child object to have a black background color when no
       color clause is used.

 1425. Fixed a bug in the commands @..DCSAY..GET and @..DCGET when using the
       POPSTYLE clause to force a button style of Imbedded.

 1424. Added new function: DC_AEval(). This function is similar to AEval()
       except that is supports bFor and bWhile code blocks.

 1423. Added change to error handling in DC_Excel2WorkArea() to insure that
       application is disconnected from Excel if an error occurs while
       writing to database. This eliminates need to end task in Task Manager.

 1422. Fixed a longtime bug in DCPUSHBUTTON and DCPUSHBUTTONXP.  An ampersand
       (&) in the caption of the button sets a hot-key shortcut.  That
       shortcut was active even in subsequent windows that are called by the
       calling window.  This fix insures that the shortcut only works on the
       window where the shortcut was defined.

 1421. Fixed a bug in @ DCBROWSE .. FILTER that caused the first array element
       to be displayed even if it was filtered out.

 1420. Fixed a bug in @ DCBROWSE .. TABENABLE that caused 2 records to be
       skipped when using CTRL_UP or CTRL_DOWN for tagging.

 1419. Fixed a bug in DC_ExpressButtonStyle() buttons that prevented the
       Shortcut hot key from working.

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