Another Birthday!

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Another Birthday!

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This is either deja-vu or your Birthday has come around full circle again.

This year, 2023 has been a busy one for us.
A few years ago we thought our work load would get lighter and that there would be less to do as time went on.
You even mentioned a few times that there was nothing to do.
But today, you and I are doing more work and more varied projects than we've ever done before.

We've had some interesting challenges.
I'll hit a brick wall, you'll get frustrated, rant and rave and then... somehow, you always figure out the answer.
You always come through and for that I am so grateful.

Thank you for being you.
Thank you for a great product.
Thank you for a great friendship.
Thank you for all your help today and through the years.

A lot of people depend on you and they would be hard pressed to find a better support system or a better person.
You always lead with your heart.
You are a great friend.

Thank you Roger and Happy Birthday! :occasion-birthdaymulticolor:

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Re: Another Birthday!

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Hi Roger,

A happy birthday. Enjoy your day.
Best regards,


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Re: Another Birthday!

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All the best, Roger! :D
Best regards,

"Did I offend you?"
"Okay, give me a second chance."

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Re: Another Birthday!

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All the best, Roger, and most of all good health!

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Re: Another Birthday!

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Belated Happy Birthday, Roger.

Hope you had an easy day, but knowing you, probably not. :=)
Regan Cawkwell
Real Business Applications Ltd

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