Loading file into Acrobat ActiveX

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Loading file into Acrobat ActiveX

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in my application I use Acrobat ActiveX for viewing PDF files. But I see, that method loadFile() work not properly, when this file was open first with full version of Acrobat Reader. In this case, window of Acrobat ActiveX was empty - nothing is displayed. If you want test it, please run acrobat.exe or acrobat2.exe from Roger's samples of Express library, open PDF file with Adobe Reader and than try open the same file from acrobat.exe (or acrobat2.exe).
This is not problem with Xbase.
But when I use property src of Acrobat ActiveX (instead method loadFile() ), this solve this problem.
For example, when oPDF is Acrobat ActiveX object, use
oPDF:src :=cFile

Attention! In this case (using src property) cFile must be a full (with drive and path) file name.


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