ICverify - Gone after July 2016

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ICverify - Gone after July 2016

#1 Post by mzipkin »

Judging from previous posts, several of us have integrated ICverify credit card processing into our applications. Unfortunately, I just learned today from their product manager that they will stop selling it at the end of next month and will end support a year later. This is due to the costs of PCI compliance, which I can appreciate.

So, does anyone have experience with an alternative embed-able payment card processing application with the following attributes:

1) Complies with all PCI PA-DSS requirements;
2) Either:
a) Activates an EMV-capable pinpad/cardreader and/or
b) Pops up a window to collect card information
...such that all sensitive card data remains within the credit card processing app, and not the "calling" app;
3) Notifies the calling app of the status of each credit card authorization;
4) Provides a reference number to the calling app, so the original transaction may be voided;
5) Makes provisions for a "Pre-authorized" transaction, also known as a "force", whereby an authorization code has already been provided to the customer and it is entered along with the normal transaction information.
6) Provision to Pop-up a window to view the original transaction when reference number is provided;
7) Allows the main app to initiate settlement of the day's card transactons.

As I understand it, these attributes will enable the main app to operate without touching the credit card data -- thus freeing application developers from the costs and ongoing moving-target requirements of PCI validation.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks,

Mark Z

Cliff Wiernik
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Re: ICverify - Gone after July 2016

#2 Post by Cliff Wiernik »

We use virtual merchant, now Converge (https://www.myvirtualmerchant.com/VirtualMerchant) to process our credit card transactions (we do maintain the data) but it can be solely on their system. Alot of capabilities. From Elavon Inc. That site is a login site but provides the information on the product also. Elavon is the card processing vendor.

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Re: ICverify - Gone after July 2016

#3 Post by Sbryan »

I realize this is a late response but we are using dsiEMVUS which covers all of your requirements except #6. It's easy to use and integrate into your Xbase++ app because it's an ActiveX control. For #6 I do that myself by storing the response data which includes truncated card data so we remain PCI compliant.



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Re: ICverify - Gone after July 2016

#4 Post by mzipkin »

Belated thanks to Cliff and Stephen.

I also have been integrating the dsiEMVUS from datacap systems. As I've just received the secure card entry device, I have not yet had a chance to test it all out. However my code seems to work correctly with another of their products, dsiPDCX, which is similar but does not require an entry device.

Their activeX control is easy to interface with.

Despite some minor documentation issues, I'm pleased with the company and the support.

As an added bonus, the integration support is vastly better than ICverify. And the product is created and supported right here in the USA -- not India, which improves response time.



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