20 years since 9/11/2001

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20 years since 9/11/2001

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20 years ago, Bobby Drakos, Michael Rudrich, and I met in NYC to pay a visit to ground zero. The smoke was still rising from the horror that we witnessed that day. We all suffered from respiratory problems for several days after that short visit. I had been to New York on several occasions, to work with Bobby on his taxi software, and each time we had a wonderful time together, but this day was very different. There are many grim memories of that day in New York. The three of us could not prevent the tears from flowing as we bore witness to the aftermath of that unthinkable tragedy. I recall walking by a post office near ground zero where they had photos of the 343 FDNY heroes who lost their lives on that day. Even today, I cannot grasp how the city of New York could absorb such a great loss and still have the will to live well and prosper.

America, and most of the free world have always looked forward to better times after great conflicts and tragedies. It has been only 75 years since the end of the greatest conflict in world history and yet the world has never been more at peace than it is today. Martin Luther King famously said “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”. This insight may also be applied to the concept of human folly. When humans endeavor to make a better world, we often fail miserably, but eventually we learn from our mistakes. I believe that we have learned from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, but the cost has been high because it has eroded our trust in our own democracy.

Through all of this, Xbase++ has continued to serve us well so we can go back to serving our customers.

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Re: 20 years since 9/11/2001

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Well said; I remember those days and that one in particular.
Getting through those dark days and all others is bearable with good friendships and family.
I miss Michael and still mourn him but that's tempered by the friendships I still enjoy.
The truth is while our world erodes or cycles through changes, we can reach out to each other for support.
Tomorrow is the 9/11 anniversary again and as they do every year, the families will come to the freedom tower which stands on the site of the world trade towers which fell, and they will read the names of the fallen while the bell tolls.
The cameras will be there, the NYPD and the FDNY.
Even the politicians come.
It's always a very sobering affair but it keeps the memory of the loved ones and the tragedy alive.

Here's hoping to a better future

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