PowerWeb works on mobile devices and mobile OSs with responsive design

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PowerWeb works on mobile devices and mobile OSs with responsive design

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The new version of PowerWeb library demo can be started from Command Prompt in the following way:

PW [/addr] [/port] [/docroot]

Addr is the DNS name or the IP address to bind the HTTP server to. The default value is localhost.
Port is the port number to be used for communication. The default value is 1024.
Docroot is the document root directory used by the HTTP server. The default value is pwweb.


1. Cmd: PW.
Browser: localhost:1024/pwweb/pw.

2. Cmd: PW / /1200.
Browser: localhost:1200/pwweb/pw.

3. Cmd: PW / /1050. is the computer IP address.

4. Cmd: PW / /1280 /mydoc. Rename pwweb to mydoc.

If you connect your mobile device to your computer and start PowerWeb demo with IP address (examples 3 and 4), you can run it on mobile device and mobile OS as well.

The PowerWeb demo is completely redesigned to be responsive, with a minor changes in the code. If you change the size of your browser or run the demo on mobile device, you will see how it responds to the new size.

The HTML window.print() function works the same on mobile OSs as on Windows. I tried it on my mobile phones with Android and iOS and it works fine. There are many examples for printing in the PowerWeb demo, you can try them on your mobile devices.

You can download the new PowerWeb demo from the attachment, or from the download page on my site

PowerWeb library works with Alaska Xbase++ V.2.0, V.1.9, V.1.82.
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Best regards,

Slavoljub Damnjanovic
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