ADS with Alaska 1.9 & 2.0

Xbase++ 2.0 Build 554 or later
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ADS with Alaska 1.9 & 2.0

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Are there any issues with accessing ADS DBF files with a mix of Alaska 2.0 and Alaska 1.9 programs. I am just starting the conversion to Alaska 2.0 and there appears to be no problems with both xBase versions accessing shared DBFs at the same time.


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Re: ADS with Alaska 1.9 & 2.0

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No, you will not have any concurrency problems because both Xbase++ 1.9 and 2.0 use the same Ads Client engine - ACE32.DLL.

Just make sure that you use the ACE32.DLL, AXCWS32.DLL, ADSLOC32.DLL set that comes from Advantage, not the files that are included with Xbase++.
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